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cape coral hair makeup

Cape Coral Bridal Hair and Makeup

Cape Coral Bridal Hair and Makeup:

Brides sometimes know what they want to wear and how they will look on their wedding day, due to is an important moment, it is a big day. Planning a wedding is stressful, but imagine how hard it to plain it all while you are pregnant. While all brides stress about the fit and feel of their gowns, a pregnant bride will have some more particular challenges. The bride has to handle with a lot of thing, The biggest thing to consider when getting married while pregnant is your wedding dress. She has to find a perfect and comfortable dress, besides always everyone would have an opinion about the ceremony. The most important thing is that you get married because you love your fiancée, some pregnant brides get married because they think it is the best thing because of her pregnancy, but you have to be sure it’s the right thing to do. And being a pregnant bride gives you all the more reason to celebrate with your friends and family.

This was a Nathalia’s case. Our team from LA Bride Studio did an excellent work on her wedding in Cape Coral, Florida. She was pregnant and she get married with a baby bump. We did hair and makeup. She looks so pretty and happy. It was an important day for her and her fiancée. They have a beautiful ceremony and had a lot of reason to be happy.

Wedding Photography

Beach Wedding Photography

Tara and McKinley’s wedding had a place at Sanibel Beach, Florida and we had the pleasure of doing the bride’s and bridal party’s hair and makeup. We also did Tara and McKinley’s Wedding Photography. Sanibel beaches attract visitors from all around the world, partly because of the large quantities of seashells that frequently wash up there.

A lot of couples get married on the beach. If you love the great outdoors a relaxed beach wedding can be very appealing. Whether you choose your local coastline or a tropical destination wedding venue, a sun-drenched beach provides the perfect location for your ceremony. A beach wedding provides plenty of opportunities for feature photos. Draw a heart in the sand and place the wedding rings inside it for another great photo. There is a romantic quality to the ocean. It’s vast, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. It’s no surprise that many couples are drawn to it and choose the beach for their couple portraits before the wedding shoot and weddings.

However, shooting beach wedding photography can also be a challenge. A beach also provides a great backdrop for wedding photos and the opportunity for some truly unique shots. We were an amazing experience taking pictures of this wedding. The bride and groom were very cheerful, so the photography was excellent. If you’re getting married on the beach, it a great idea to find a photographer that specializes in beach wedding photography. It is always hard to shoot brightly lit landscapes, but an expert in beach photography should have no problem creating stunning wedding photos as they will have the right equipment and plenty of experience. LA Bride Studio offers you a great photographer with many ideas in every place that you choose for your wedding.

Bridal hair and makeup

Okeechobee Hair and Makeup

Ashley’S Wedding. Bridal hair and makeup:

On this opportunity we went to Quail Creek Plantation in Florida, it is a beautiful place with a lot of nature around, special for Wedding Pictures. They even have a landing strip for helicopters. It is a great place to have a Florida style wedding.

We did hair and makeup for the bride, family members, and bridesmaids. We had a wonderful time with the bride and her family. Everyone was happy and attentive.


Flower Girls

Bridal hair and makeup.

In most wedding there is always a flower girl. But some people ask what does a flower girl symbolize and what is the flower girl primary role? Flower girls sprinkle the aisle with petals before the bride makes her entrance during a wedding procession. Having a flower girl is optional, but it’s a nice way to make a favorite little person feel a part of it all.

Flower girl’s outfit usually resembles a smaller version of the bride’s wedding dress and actually signify the bride losing her innocence. She may also symbolize wishes for fertility for the couple and the forming of their new family. Flower girls symbolically leads the bride forward, from childhood to adulthood and from innocence to her roles of wife and mother. The flower girl follows the maid of honor, and may carry wrapped candies, confetti, a single bloom, a ball of flowers, or bubbles instead of flower petals.
Who can be my flower girl?

In a traditional wedding procession, flower girls are usually members of the bride or groom’s extended families like daughter, niece, goddaughter or a friend of either family and are usually three to seven years old, these pint-sized attendants don’t need much extra help to deliver a dose of charm on the big day. A cute dress, a basket, a pretty hair style, maybe even a flower crown and they’re ready for their moment.

As you can see on the following pictures LA Bride Studio hair stylist created a beautiful half-up/down style for two flower girls. It was an excellent experience works with kids and create a cute style for that wedding.

Bridal hair and makeup

The day before the wedding!

Bridal hair and makeup. The bride told us that she had many doubts about what things she should do the day before the wedding which is a popular question. What should a bride do the day before the wedding? for that reason, I will give you some tips that you may want to follow the night before the wedding.

Planning for a wedding requires a great deal of time and energy. The day before your wedding day can be the most exciting, and it can also be the most nerve-wracking day of all, so you’ll definitely want to ensure you’ve got everything in order. When planning an event as big as your wedding day, organization is necessary, for that you should make a list with all that you need. Relax and rest as much as possible the day and night before your big day and get a good night sleep. Besides, you should pack a bag of personal items. Drink a lot of water, this will help you avoid any dehydration that stresses and running around can often cause. Eat a healthy meal, remember “you are what you eat”. You must have an outfit checklist to organize all the bridal party’s outfits and ready for the wedding.

There is another important question like: Should I wash and blow-dry my hair the day before the wedding?
If you or anyone in the bridal party is doing an updo or curls, don’t wash your hair the morning of the wedding. It’s better if you wash it the day before and blow-dry it, and always kept your hair free of styling products.
People also ask: Is it better to curl hair wet or dry?

Wet hair is more susceptible to damage than dry hair. Air dry your hair completely or finish it off with a blow-dryer.

I hope that all these tips will save you some stress. Planning for a wedding is hard work, make sure you don’t leave any projects until the last minute and follow your checklist.

Credit to our wedding Photographer for the Pictures.

Bridal hair and makeup

Naples Hair and Makeup

Regina’s wedding had place on Naples, Florida. Naples is located on the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida, it’s known for high-end shopping and golf courses. Naples has beautiful beaches with calm waters and fine white sand, perfect for wedding’s pictures.

Sometime brides have a lot of doubt about her hair and makeup for the wedding day.

So what is the best hairstyle for a wedding on Naples Fl? That is a great question, there are different wedding hairstyles, like natural curls, updos and others, but you are the only person who can decided what is the perfect look for your wedding, also you can ask to your stylist about what is the best option for you. In the other hand if your wedding will be at the beach we always recommend an Updo hair style.

Other common question is about makeup: Doing a trial with your makeup artist always help, but for those couples get married on the beach we recommend a natural look makeup.

Some people ask how long does hair and makeup take for wedding?

Hair styling will take approximately 40-45 minutes per person depending on the hairstyle. Makeup applications take approximately 30 minutes per person.

An example of this was Regina’s wedding where we did hair and makeup for the bride, mother of the bride and the bridesmaid. There were a total of 5 for hair and makeup including the bride. We started working by 8am and finish by 1pm.

bridal hair and makeup

Fort Myers Beach Pink Shell Resort

On this opportunity, LA Bride Studio’s team traveled once again to Fort Myers Beach Pink Shell Resort. This is a very popular place for weddings because it’s beautiful beaches, amazing resorts, and incredible views which gives the needed touch for Wedding Photography.

Marina’s wedding ceremony at Pink Shell Resort & Marina had placed on the beach, close to the wave’s sound, and the song of the seagulls. The hotel offered an exceptional service which facilitates our stylist on doing the bride, bridesmaids, and other family members hair and makeup. Doing bridal hair and makeup for Marina on her wedding day was amazing. Congratulations Marina.

Bridal hair and makeup

Downtown Fort Myers – Bridal Hair and Makeup

Bridal hair and makeup by L.A. Bride Studio at Indigo Hotel on Ft Myers Dtwn River District which is located in Fort Myers. This city is the county seat and commercial center of Lee County, Florida, United States and it’s a major tourist destination within Florida.

This area preserves its past in the heart of the city and ranks as a top destination, packed full of modernity paired with its historical charm. The hotel is situated downtown in the River District in a historic property across the street from the federal courthouse, near great shopping, historic attractions and local businesses.

The hotel is inspired by the creative community with local musicians and artist. They have a lot of services like free Wi-Fi, parking available, pool, near the beach and other. Indigo hotel has a great view from the city which makes from this wedding detonation and great places for your bridal hair, makeup, and photography.

With an innovative blend of historic charm and modern sensibility, the Fort Myers Hotel Indigo offers the very best in luxury Fort Myers accommodation. For all of these reasons frequently some brides go to get married there. It’s the perfect destination for a wedding with beautiful places. Doing Sadie’s hair and makeup in this place was a magnificent experience.

Bridal hair and makeup

Florida Destination Wedding

Natascha wedding:

Original from Canada the bride and groom came to their destination wedding on Cape Coral with all their family to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Southwest Florida.

The bride found our services online and provided all the information needed for our coordinator to check for availability on the wedding day, therefore she didn’t need to come to Florida to find her hair and makeup stylist. The bride stated that it was really easy to communicate with our staff without having to travel to the wedding place.

For that reason, we are focused on making the communication between our coordinators and our customers easy and reliable to helps people like Natascha to have a perfect day even if they don’t live in the United States. We are dedicated to providing the best possible hair, makeup and, photography services. We believe that your wedding is a special day that you will always remember, that is why we admit it is important to create a unique style that reflects your personality and you feel comfortable with, our mission is simple: help you look beautiful in your wedding day.


Sarasota’s Bridal Hair and Makeup

Madison’s wedding was very simple. We only did hair and makeup for the bride. It was a small ceremony without guests, but anyway the bride decided to contact us because she had to look perfect in her wedding day. The wedding was in Sarasota, Florida, and was performed at the bride’s parent’s house. Our stylist did an excellent work. The bride decided to do a loose waves for her hair with a discreet makeup.

The wedding day is one of the most important days in your live, for that reason every bride wants to look beautiful for her future husband. Also this moment will live forever in the wedding photo collection.

Madison , Married on 04/19/2019
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PERFECT wedding makeup/hair

Absolutely perfect hair/makeup done in my home for my wedding. Leyanis made me look exactly how I had pictured and was SO sweet and fun. 100% would recommend!